Online Ordering, Curbside Ordering

POS Integrated online ordering system will give you a big saving for operation. Also, 3KO system online ordering will build your brand power to raise sales

POS and Online Order in One System

Control your online order site management easy, because POS can control online ordering as the same system

Tip Function

Our online order site supports an internal Tip function which allows customers to add tips when they are paying for their food

Instant Funding

Our online order’s credit card merchant service fund your revenue instantly

We do not hold your revenue for a long time

Delivery with Postmates

Send the ordered food to your customers by Postmates delivery services

Tip sharing option

Integration with 3KO system online ordering site

The brand is Your Power

We help you to build up your brand

Make a Strong Brand Identity of Your Store

Customize our online ordering site to express your store. 

Use Google, Facebook, or Yelp to let the world know abour your store

Multiple Location Online Ordering

If you have multiple store locations, don’t worry, 3KO system online can handle it

You can advertise your brand domain address, and the customers choose the location and place an order

Curbside Order and Pickup

Scan QR code and order on your smartphone

1. Put the QR code on the wall

1. You can print the QR code poster and put them on the wall anywhere in the store

2. Set up the radius from the center of the store for the customer inside the radius to be able to order by scanning QR code

2. Customer Scan QR code and Order

1. Customer doesn’t need to stay on the order line nor face the cashier

2. Customer scans the QR code

3. Customer login with Google or Facebook account

4. Customer pay with a credit card

3. Fully Integration with POS

1. Customer can order same as Kiosk

2. Customer choose the option for Take-our or Dine-in

3. The order directly goes to the Kitchen printer